reindeer hideReindeer hides are steadily increasing in popularity as a showpiece item in home decor.  Reindeer hides can be used to accent any type of space, from the bedroom, to the living room, or even in the office. Their popularity hinges upon the versatility that reindeer hides offer in use, as they can be used as rugs, furniture throws, bed throws, blankets, or can be hung on the wall as a statement piece. No matter how the reindeer skin is used, it is sure to complement a variety of home decor styles and add an element of nature into the room that the home owners and guests can enjoy for years to come.

Reindeer hides are produced from deer farms where the deer are bred for their succulent meat. Rather than wasting the hides and other by-products of the business, it is environmentally friendly for a professional to dry, cure, and treat the hides so that they can be sold. Tanners treat the rugs with a silicone solution that allows them to be waterproofed further and used for decor both inside and outside. Hides make great additions to homes because, if they get wet, they can be hung to dry without being severely damaged. Additionally, reindeer hides are relatively easy to clean and keep looking new. Shaking the rug outside and using a small brush to rid the hide of dirt is the only occasional care that the hide requires.

Many desire to use the reindeer skin as a practical blanket or bed throw because of its warmth. Reindeer fur is naturally very thick and dense, adding to its heat efficiency and long lasting durability. The fur and the skin are also very soft and smooth, making it the perfect product to curl up with on a cold winter night. Reindeer hides are both stylish, practical and are sure to suit the needs of most people.

Reindeers naturally have many different colours and shades. They each have their own unique pattern. Because of this, each hide will look different from another, and you will be sure that the product that you have purchased is completely one of a kind. Reindeer hides can be dark brown, light brown, grey, or white. Oftentimes the hide is either dark (consisting of browns) or light (greys and whites). Whichever color you choose to match with your decor is sure to become a talking piece due to its beautiful and unique markings.

Whether you choose to use your reindeer hide as a rug, wall hanging piece, furniture throw, or bed throw, the unique and captivating hide will serve as a centrepiece in your home, merging rustic, natural elements with more contemporary style.

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