crPerhaps you’re thinking of changing up the look in your home. New paint job? Perhaps. A change in flooring, carpeting, or furniture? Certain possibilities. But you might just be looking for something new to you, something unique now in this day and age, unique yet a look that has been around for hundreds of years. To get this classic, stylish look, think of animal rugs to help your home or office space look warm and comforting, with a contemporary yet classic look and feel that will welcome any guest.

City Cows has a very impressive selection of animal rugs that provide great comfort as well as that contemporary, modern look that is now becoming an emerging, popular look in homes and workplaces today.

City Cows features animal rugs in cowhide, reindeer, sheepskins and zebra. All have a unique look and feel, and can be tailor-made to your size and color preferences.

Cowhides are beautiful, natural, and hypoallergenic. They come in a variety of colors and shapes- it’s all up to you to choose. Red or blue, perhaps? You choose your color and pattern. Imported from South America, they are easy to clean, and look wonderful as wall hangings, or to drape over pieces of furniture.

Reindeer hide rugs are hugely popular now. Tanned with a silicon solution that allows them to be waterproofed, they are attractive and durable, warm, and available in a wide variety of colors. Because of their warmth, they are ideal for blankets or bed throws.

Sheepskins are perhaps the softest, most barefoot-friendly rug you could walk on. It is the ultimate place to walk around on and sink your toes into the soft, comfortable surface at your feet. Sheepskins are ideal for these toe warming rugs, and also make a very attractive furniture throw. These Australian sheepskins come in a variety of colors, and can be machine washed. They are also available in double sheepskins, which are two sheepskins sewn together. They make terrific floor rugs, or simply placed at the end of the bed. They are also available in quad size, which is ideal for larger areas. Children just love walking about in such soft, luxurious comfort. It’s a terrific, natural feel that is so very unique, and such a great feeling to experience.

Looking for something with a bit more exotic look? City Cows website features stenciled zebra print patterns to replicate authentic zebra skin rugs.

So make a wonderful new look for your home or office space. Wall hangings, rugs, furniture accoutrements, or however you wish to display it. Sent out within one day of your order, your selection will provide you great comfort, as well as lend your area a terrific look of style and flair. With over 15,000 satisfied customers, City Cows has been providing these superior, all natural products, that so many have come to enjoy.

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