Master Room With Cowhide Rug
Master Room With Cowhide Rug

Reindeer rugs offer a wonderful blend of beige, cream, white and brown for your master room theme. They come in organic shades that go well with any color scheme as well. These rugs are soft which means they are a perfect choice for an incredibly warm and cozy area. Entrance to the master room can be accentuated with light colored reindeer skin rugs placed on the accent or entry table if they are not blocking the pathway. Make sure the table supporting the climber is strong enough to hold heavy rugs as well.

Other rugs can be trained against the structure of the room where the entry way is, but choose them carefully so that they won’t damage the walls if they are heavy. The entrance to the room is also the ideal place to showcase large rugs with unique features that need to be displayed. Formal look can be obtained by placing them with accessories matching the rugs such as reindeer throws that will trail the edges with table.

If the reindeer skin rugs have antique patterns, for a country cottage look, accentuate the rugs with old-fashioned items. The goal of the pleasant journey along the entryway is of course, to reveal the mystery beyond it. The rugs should express your tastes and suit the style of the house as well. If you have a large space around the room, give some thought to decorating the available space. Wall plaques, wreaths and ornaments make a beautiful addition with the reindeer rugs.

Freshly painted or antique furniture set and colorful cushions accent the master room and give a cheerful look to this indoor space. Make sure to strive for coziness rather than clutter the place. Also, make sure to place the rugs away from the center line. You don’t want to distract the guests and you certainly don’t want them tripping over the rugs. In essence, careful planning will make your room look aesthetically pleasing irrespective of its size. Measure the layout before selecting the exact rug size. For a classic look, choose the rug that is large enough to fit under the front legs of the furniture set such as sofa and loveseat. If the room has tables, make sure to measure its width and add 2 feet on each side during rug selection. If you have a floating layout, your rug should be large enough to accommodate every element in the room.

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