Reindeer Hide Rugs
Rustic Look That Mixes Shades of Gray, Silver, Brown & Whites

Are you looking for a rug that is able to add character to your room, without falling into the mundane or usual look of most rugs out there? If so, a rawhide rug is the way to go. Of course, there are many different styles of rawhide, so you need to know what all is available and which ones can add not only a nice look to your room, but also style, sophistication, without breaking the bank.

One available open is reindeer hide rugs. These rugs are similar to traditional deer, only the fur is thicker than what you find in regular deer, so you receive a thicker, softer rug that is perfect for lounging or simply for accenting your room.

First off, the natural color of reindeer is truly beautiful. It has a nice, rustic look that mixes shades of gray, brown, silver and white all together. Regular deer is going to be more of just brown, so you do not have the same organic look and feel to it.

Of course, all of the reindeer hide rugs you purchase are treated to be waterproof, so it is not going to allow moisture to seep through the rug. This way, if there is a spill, it is not going to damage the floor underneath. It also makes it possible to use the rug outside or in a patio setting. You are going to find that animals from colder climates provide a desirable thickness and softness you just are not going to find from any other animal. However, some of these colder weather animals possess a coat that is illegal to obtain, or would simply prove far too expensive to purchase. Reindeer does not fit either of these categories, so you are able to have a nice area rug that provides a unique look, every single time.

No two reindeer hide rugs are going to look the same. This cannot be said with must other hide rugs, as the majority of animal skins look the same and don not have variations in the color throughout the animal itself. Reindeer hide rugs possess this, which is why not only it is such a beautiful option for a rug, but also why it is becoming so popular as well with home owners. So, if you want to obtain a comfortable, lush hide rug that is unique in its look, reindeer is the way to go.

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