Today the idea of having the beauty of a reindeer skin into any home is growing. People are finding that using the hide of a reindeer either as a

  • Hanging it on the wall
  • Placing it on the floor next to the sofa, fire place, or even beside the bed.
  • As a cozy Throw
  • As a nice rug adds beauty and style to any room.

When used as a furniture throw rug on the back of the favorite sofa or chair, the reindeer hide will attract attention from anyone that enters the room. It is nearly impossible to keep from reaching out and touching the hide, as it is very soft and beautiful.Having a reindeer rug anywhere

The hair of a reindeer is hollow, and this not only makes it nearly water proof, but it also helps to hold the body heat of the reindeer in. Used as a rug by the foot of an individuals bed not only adds wonderful color, but there is nothing better than the feel of the soft hide under your feet on a cold winter morning.
Unlike Santa’s well known reindeer, these reindeer are not family pets, nor will they willingly come up to anyone and want to be touched. Instead, these hides come from wild reindeer that will be used as food by hunters, once the reindeer has been skinned and cleaned, many hunters will just discard the hide, leaving it behind to rot. This has been found to be a total waste, as people have come to understand how soft and pliable these skins will be once they are tanned and cured properly.

  • living room
  • bedroom
  • den
  • office Improves the appearance of the room as it adds color and beauty anywhere it is placed.
Reindeer Hide
Raw Hide, Reindeer Hide, Animal Hide, Natural Hide

Taking care of the reindeer skin rug is not difficult to do, since the hair is nearly water resistant, all that an individual would need to do if the hide were to get wet, is to use a vacuum to remove the water, then gently brush the hair until it returns to its natural position. However, it is important to remember that the hide can become dry and will crack if placed too close to direct heat. As pretty as the reindeer rug looks and as soft as it feels under bare feet, it should never be placed where people will continuously walk on it, as this could cause the skin to begin shedding.






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