Reindeer Hide On ChairWhen working on a new decorative theme for your office or home, consider a reindeer rug. Adding this rug to your living room, office or bedroom is a great way to improve your room. You can get a reindeer rug after slaughtering the farm raised reindeer for meat. This skin is then treated and used for home decorating purposes. These rugs have become popular because of their style and uniqueness.

  1. The color of reindeer skin–┬áThe natural color of reindeer skin makes it well suited for decorating home. The skin adds a rustic touch to the rooms where they are placed as artistic pieces. If well treated, this skin can serve you for a long period. It is an excellent artistic piece that does not lose its shape and style if well preserved.
  2. Treatment– A special treatment is important to prolong the life of reindeer skin. This treatment is done by skilled tanners. After undergoing this process, the hide becomes hardy and waterproof. Thus, you can use the rugs indoors or in outdoor living spaces such as garden rooms, patios and porches. The rug can be dried easily without incurring any expenses or damaging it.
  3. Uses of reindeer rug– This rug can be sued in many areas in your house. One of the areas that you can use the rug is in your bedroom. This is because the rug is soft and comfortable to step on with bare foot. The colors of the skin also add aesthetic and decor to your bedroom. You need to be careful not to place your reindeer rug in areas with high traffic. This is because the hide is not strong enough to handle that pressure for a long time. The rug will start shedding the fur, ruining its shape and appearance. You should also not expose your rug to extreme heat as this can cause cracking in the hide.

Reindeer hides can also be used as bed throw or bed covering. This can add the much needed warmth in the den especially in winter. These hides come in different sizes. They range from 10 square feet all the way to 25 square feet. However, it is not easy to find the 25 square feet hide. Smaller hides can be used to add style to your house. You can hang the hides on the walls of different rooms in your house. The skins create a visually impressive look on the walls especially if the colors match those of the wall painting.

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