When you think of cowhide rugs do you visualize the traditional black and white or brown and white patterned rugs that are often seen in a country cabin or rustic lodge? If so, you are unfairly depriving yourself of the many ways cowskin rugs can enhance your home, regardless of what type of decor you have. The first step toward expanding your vision of a cowhide rug is to explore metallic cow skin rugs, colorful cowhide rugs, zebra cowhide rugs and the variety of serene and subtle cowhides that are available.

Teens love to personalize the decor in their bedroom. A popular decorating trend for a teen’s bedroom reflects a sense of maturity and sophistication. Modern bedroom furniture is ideal as a basis for this type of decor. Lively accessories such as a metallic cowhide rug can add the perfect amount of flashy, glitzy energy to a teenager’s bedroom. If a metallic cowhide rug doesn’t appeal to your teenager’s decorating style, a colored cowhide rug is another option to pursue. Colored cowhides are available in shades such as a vibrant red, stunning blue, bright green and soft purple. Can you image how sophisticated, yet appropriately quirky one of these rugs would be in your teenager’s bedroom?

Another unexpected way to include cowhide rugs, pillows and throws in a decor that is the complete opposite of country is to select a rug that is a single color, pale cowhide. These rugs can be a key feature in a room where elements of glamor are abundant. Their subtle beauty ideally blends with a soft pastel or neutral color palette. You can comfortably include this type of rug in a room where chandelier lighting and mirrored furniture set the mood of the room. Placing a pale cow skin rug on the floor or across the bed, or draping it as a throw across a decorative accent chair can add serenity to the atmosphere.

Cow skin rugs in varying shades of gray beautifully complement almost any of today’s popular decorating themes. You shouldn’t hesitate to place a cow hide rug in an unexpected location such as under the dining room table or in a child’s bedroom. Their durability is amazing. They can withstand the activity level of a busy household, yet be the ideal accessory for elevating the level of beauty and elegance in your home.

Cowhide Rug
Cowhide Rugs Enhances any Room

If you are using a room divider to separate space in an open concept living and dining area, a cowhide rug can be draped across it to make it a more attractive feature in the room. You can soften the appearance of a divider screen in a bedroom by placing a pale cow skin rug over the top of it.

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