Looking through the 2015 decorating trends, you will discover that cowhide rugs are an accessory that will beautifully complement almost every decor. A brief exploration of the 2015 wall color and flooring trends will ignite some creative ways to incorporate durable, hypo-allergenic cowskin rugs into your home.

The 2015 color trends seems to focus on creating two totally different moods. Deep rich, bold colors such as red, purple or turquoise paired with a brilliantly bright yellow, lime green or vibrant orange are going to be seen in living rooms, bedrooms and dining areas. This type of color trend supports the inclusion of elegant black or pristine white cowhide rugs. The addition of a sparkly metallic cow hide rug would further enhance the excitement and energy level in a room with a vivacious color scheme.

Another color trend for 2015 focuses on softer, more pastel colors pruple hidewith pink and light green being two of the most popular choices. To accentuate the serenity these colors promote, you can choose neutral or pale cowhide rugs to enhance your decor. A light colored brindle cow skin rug would add some visual interest to a subtle decor, yet not appear overpowering.

The increasingly popular teal, purple and copper color that is appearing in dining areas and kitchen provides the ideal set up for the addition of a tri-colored, speckled or patchwork cowhide rug. When you include an accessory as stunning as these rugs, you can remain true to the simplistic, minimalistic decorating trend that continues to retain its popularity. The rug can provide the spark of interest your decor needs.

Flooring trends for 2015 involve the use of dark hardwoods, with gray being one of the most popular colors. Floors with a matte finish are expected to be a favorite choice for homeowners. This type of floor is resistant to scuffs and scratches. Just like the family friendly cowhide rug, this floor is great for a home that sees a lot of activity. Cowskin rugs are an ideal accompaniment to this type of flooring.

Carpet is regaining its popularity. The newer material is more eco-friendly and has a natural look and texture to it. The popular colors are neutral, gray and taupe. These carpets are very receptive to the placement of a cow hide rug on top of them.

The flooring trends for 2015 seem to be designed to invite the addition of decorative rugs. The timeless beauty and amazing versatility of cowhide rugs make them a natural choice for warming up the atmosphere or a room, adding excitement to a decor or providing the perfect amount of serenity that a relaxing decor requires.

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