crA beautiful cowhide rug is a subtle, unique accent in any room and reflects a certain level of chic and preferred lifestyle, suitable for homes, condos, or apartments. Because cowhide rugs are a magnificent example of nature, they work great as a centerpiece in virtually every decor. Many homeowners are drawn to the natural appeal of cow skin rugs due to such characteristics as their versatility, longevity ability, hypo-allergenic traits, and super easy maintenance. Properly maintained, cow skin can last for many years.

Benefits of Cow Skin Rugs

• Attractive Beauty Cowhide rugs come in a wide variety of patterns, shapes, colors, and styles because of their diverse qualities. They have an endless number of combinations in terms of uniqueness. While some even incorporate comparable tones of black and white, no two are alike. Breeds often have colors that clearly distinguish them from the others, including solid black, brown, gray, or white colors. Due to the size of the wonderful animal itself, the rug itself commonly has an enormous girth and overall size that makes it possible to fill dull, empty spaces and give them a renewed sense of character and style.

• High Versatility One of the best features that homeowners simply love about cowhide rugs is the fact that they’re so incredibly versatile. Not only do they typically function as rugs, but they can also serve as the perfect wall hangings that are just as stylish as a traditional framed painting, which reflects the homeowner’s high style and taste in home decor. Many people love to use them as a natural tapestry on a huge blank wall that needs an extra dose of character and panache. Also, you’ve probably seen them thrown across leather chairs or sofas as a rustic accent that adds a sense of authenticity to the entire room.

• Durable as Leather Because cow hide is very durable, it’s famous for its extreme toughness in addition to its good looks. The pliable, soft feel of a cowhide rug is always a pleasant surprise for anyone who first touches its unique texture.

• Breathes Easy Got allergies? No problem. Cow skin is naturally hypo-allergenic and fragrance-free and therefore doesn’t pose a problem for anyone with allergy or respiratory issues.

• Easy Maintenance and Cleaning Cow skin rugs are very easy to clean and maintain. Simply use mild soap and lukewarm water with a damp sponge on any areas that look a bit soiled in order to quickly remove any dirt. A good shaking will instantly fluff the gorgeous thick coat back to looking brand new. Consider investing in an elegant, beautiful, attractive, and extremely versatile cowhide rug to turn your space into an interesting work of art. Not only will it increase your home’s decor, but add a sense of sophistication to the overall style and look of your home. Your guests will love it.

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