Cowhide RugLove the natural beauty of wool rugs, but don’t love to sneeze? Many people have allergies that prevent them from enjoying the beauty of wool rugs. There is no threat of allergies and sneezing with cowskin rugs. Natural cowhide is hypoallergenic. Cowhide does not trap dust like other materials. Cowskin rugs are a versatile product and almost maintenance free. To keep the cowskin clean, simply take the rug outside and shake during regular cleaning sessions and brush with a plastic brush to rid the rug of dust and dirt; or vacuum with a light, steady glide of a vacuum in the direction of the hair.

Exceptional Markings

The exceptional markings and superb quality of cowhide rugs add sophistication and luxury to any décor. Every cowhide rug is unique, making it a special item of interest. Using a cowhide rug as a wallhanging or furniture throw is a great way to highlight a room. The natural cowskin backing is soft and does not slip. Cowhide, having endured years in the elements, is durable enough for children and pets. Spills can be wiped away with a damp cloth.

Beauty and Texture with Innovation

Desire beauty and texture with innovation? The exquisite colors in metallic cowskin rugs bring personality and style to any room. Metallic-dyed cowhide rugs are made from a single whole cowskin bedazzled with practicable, high-gloss metallic dye. These striking cowskin rugs can be found in an elegant natural base color or even a bright primary color.

Zebra Pattern Beauty

Cowhide rugs can also be found in a beautiful zebra pattern. Because the zebra pattern is accomplished with dye, it is important not to use the zebra patterned cowskin rug in the bathroom or kitchen where it will get wet. Instead, use it as the focal point of a room, away from entrances or main walkways, and out of direct sunlight.

Patchwork Style

Patchwork cowhide rugs are available in several sizes and variations of color. Black and white and tri-color cowhide rugs are popular and a smart choice. However, the cream and white, meticulously handmade cowhide rug is especially sumptuous and elegant. The velvet soft, hand sewn cowhide rugs are also durable and easy to clean.

Today’s Choice

Cowhide rugs, whether natural, metallic, printed or patchwork, incorporate luxury and style, with just the right touch of edginess, into to home décor. The versatility and durability of cowskin makes cowhide rugs a smart addition to home or office, and the best choice for today’s flooring.



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