Reindeer Hide Draped Over Chair
Reindeer Hide Throw

Reindeer hides are a unique and attractive accent piece that are quickly gaining in popularity. They are incredibly versatile and durable and can be used as either a rug, blanket or furniture throw. Reindeer rugs and blankets are known for their beautiful fur, with multiple tones and shades naturally occurring in a single reindeer hide. In fact, the soft, neutral shades of reindeer fur make them a very subtle accessory that can be paired with any other colors in a home.


The fur on reindeer hides is long, supple and lush, adding a touch of comfort and luxury wherever they are used in the home. The reindeer skin is fully tanned, making it a secure and strong backing for the rugs. These lovely creations can be used over any type of flooring, without worry of slipping or discoloring the space beneath.


In addition to the lengthy fur which makes them appear so luxurious, a soft, think under-layer of fur also grows naturally on the animals, providing a soft and thick cushiony walking surface. The leather backing remains supple and pliable, making reindeer hides a cozy blanket as well. Use them as a throw or as bedcoverings, to stay warm and comfortable all winter long.


Caring for a reindeer rug is not as difficult as it may seem. Reindeer skin is naturally waterproof anyways, but during the finishing process a silicone treatment is applied to add an additional layer of protection. This is why they can be used outside as well as in.


The rug may initially experience a little shedding, which is not unusual. Shaking it off (outside, preferably) once every couple of months will help to eliminate these loose hairs. The rug will not change in appearance after this small shedding occurs. Other than shaking it out, to clean the rug simply vacuum gently and spot clean as needed. The rug should also be hung outside for an hour or two once a month to allow the rug to stay fresh.


When you are looking for that special touch unlike anything you have seen in any other home, consider reindeer hides. They will make your home look warm and comforting as well as elegant.

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