Zebra Cowhide Rug

Zebra print cowhide rugs are beautiful rugs that need to be cared for, to remain full of luster and beauty. One should always take very good care of their zebra print rug. Never put the rug in full direct sunlight or heavy traffic. Direct sun will cause the hide to lighten or dry out. Heavy traffic will cause heavy stains on a zebra print or any cowhide rug. Keeping up with the care of your cowhide rug will keep the rug beautiful.

There are many ways to use your zebra print cowhide rug. In the center of your living room as a main focal point. With beautiful leather couches and some cowhide throw pillows is a nice touch. Or using your zebra print cowhide rug as a bedroom comforter. That is a beautiful bedding idea in the autumn and winter months. Besides the hide being soft and warm is beautiful to look at. The cowhide rug is a beautiful piece of natural art. Hang the hide on the wall and you have an amazing southern, country rock décor. Some people call it cowboy art.

The zebra print cowhide has to be cleaned lightly once a month. There is no tricks to cleaning the cowhide rug. Just Use a damp towel with mild soap. If there is any light staining. Make sure the hide is 100% dry before you vacuum the hide. The hide can be vacuumed lightly with a small vacuum do not use one of those huge industrial vacuums with a large size hammer head suction. Just a small hose with the small connector. Lightly around the edging.

Zebra print cowhide rugs can be used in any room that you like. cowhide rug are not recommend in rooms were it can get wet. The bathroom and the kitchen for example. Unless it’s a very large area and you would not have the rug anywhere near the water areas. The best place for a zebra cow hide is in the main focal point and/or the center of a room. Work the interior decorating around the key elements of the zebra cowhide. Beautiful pillows and throws. With large over size leather and suede companions are a beautiful touch to any style cowhide. Cowhide is beautiful, maintaining it is key.

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