City Cows Cowhide Grand DesignsWhen you are thinking about giving your home a unique look that is both traditional and urban, you will find that you cannot do better than to choose a metallic-dyed cowhide rug. These rugs are made from a single whole cow skin, and then they have been speckled with a hard-wearing, high-shine metallic dye. The base color of the cow skin may be a bold primary color or it might be complete natural, but the effect is always unique and striking!

A Touch of Natural Beauty one of the most wonderful things about a metallic-dyed cowhide is that it offers a bit of both worlds. You will get to enjoy the beauty and texture of the cowhide, but the metallic dye gives you some visual variation and a touch of glitter that will automatically draw the eye. For a decorating aesthetic that is uniquely your own, this rug is a must-have!

Anywhere and Everywhere one of the wonderful things about a cow skin rug is that you can put it practically anywhere. For example, if you want to throw it onto the living room or the den to provide a homey look, you can. However, you might also want to add it to the room of a little girl or little boy who dreams of the Old West, or you might even want to place it in a rec room to add some color and texture and sparkle. You might love the artistic metallic dye so much you end up mounting the rug on the wall like a piece of art!

Tough as Nails You don’t want to bring fragile rugs into your home, and you will find that cowhide rugs are long-lasting and hard-wearing. This natural material is tough enough to stand up to years and years of wear, and they will continue to look amazing no matter how long you have them. Take a moment to think about the beauty of a rug like this, and then realize that you can have it in your home on a permanent basis, no matter where you put it or how many people walk over it. No Allergy Problems!

Lots of people love wool rugs, but the sad fact is that when they start looking into these rugs, they start sneezing. The truth is that a lot of people out there have allergies, and those allergies can make the rugs that they love a no-go. If you have fallen in love with cow skin rugs, you need have no fear. There is nothing in the cow skin that will start you sneezing, and you can enjoy your rug without the need for anti-allergy medication.

If you are looking to decorate your home with something special, consider what a metallic-dyed cowhide rug can do for you!

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