The beauty of winter. The white snow the short days and long night. Fireplaces burning in every home. The smell of winter is in the air. What would you love to be doing right now? Snuggled in front of your beautiful fire place. Lying on your soft plush reindeer hide rug. The warmth and comfort of a winter’s night is not complete without a beautiful reindeer hide rug from

The reindeer hide rug is a natural beauty. The beautiful way to dress the floor of your den in front of the fireplace is with beautiful reindeer hide from With so many chooses of hide to choice from. The reindeer hide comes in all sizes. The Larger size reindeer rugs would be most appropriate for a den or a living room. The hide rugs are soft and plush and they come in all natural colors ( They also have dyed and Metallic hides).

Reindeer hide rugs are a winter definite for any home. Every one of these natural hides has their own lovely textures and color and know two hides are alike. They make a great bold statement piece on any floor, thrown on any sofa or hung on a wall. Cowhide rugs are loved for their super softness and luxurious feel. They are the must-have addition for the designer’s modern home. Reindeer hides are very versatile and look great either as a throw, floor rug or wall art.  So soft to cuddle up on, in front of a nice warm fireplace. The snow falling, fireplace roaring and relaxing on the floor with a beautiful natural soft and tender reindeer hide from

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