The Cowhide Rug is a Beautiful Choice

There are many great ideas that go into the decorating, furnishing and dressing of a house or an office, but if you want to add something that will be instantly noticeable and memorable, a beautiful choice. There are tons of different choices to choose from. Remember cowhide should be used as the main focal point. Then think of the comfort factor and practicality combined with the art decor, this is a great method on how to purchase a cowhide rug that you will be happy with for many years to come.

You are thinking about buying or purchasing a cow hide rug. There are a few things that you need to know. Definitely make a question list of what you need to know before you buy the rug. For example. What styles are you interested in? Are you interested in a natural or a dyed cowhide? What sizes do you need? Do you know about the other animal skin rugs that are available? Start searching web sites and have your question list with you. Go through your list and answer questions according to the site.

Okay so you purchased the cowhide for yourself, you love it so much you are thinking about buying another. The cowhide rugs are so different looking you want to go a completely different style in another room. The variations in the hide’s fur just add to the interesting decor that you have around your home. How do you go about buying another hide that is completely different than the other.  Cowhides come in many different styles and colors and sizes. Take a look at zebra cowhide rugs, they are always so interesting. Read other blogs or forums to get different ideas. There are more masculine styles too. Look through interior design books.  Then there are many on line sites to check out too. How about speaking to the sales people that you purchased the first hide with.

Now that you have one or maybe two cowhide rugs your home and/or office. There are some essentials you will need when you buy your beautiful cowhide rug soft. Basic mild cleaning soap is a must. Used with a hard bristled old fashioned brush and a natural sea sponge. These tools will help with any small everyday spill. Scotch guard as an everyday protector. A steam cleaner will help get deep inside the fur and a household vacuum cleaner for everyday cleaning. Take care of your cowhide rug as if you would any other rug. No heavy traffic areas is a great tip for not staining cowhide rugs. Try to keep the rug as a main focal point like in the middle of a living area.

So now you have your awesome new cowhide rug or rugs. Maintain the cleaning of the rug. Keep up with the many styles that are always happening in the interior decorating world. There many ways to use your cowhide rug. Cowhide rugs are not just rugs. You can use a cowhide rug for wall art and couch throws. There are other ways of making your cowhide pop. That is by having other cowhide decor for example mini rugs, throws and pillows

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