The first thing Cowhide Rugyou need to do when you receive your cowhide rug. Gently vacuum off any dust or soil that stuck on the rug from the warehouse it was stored through the transportation to where it was shipped. The best way to do so is lay it down flat on the floor and use the small soft bristle vacuum brush and vacuum it off. Next you should then brush it in one direction. When you are done with the first initial brush off spray the cowhide with a pre-stain master spray. The pre-stain master will totally help prevent any hard core stains in the future. Keep rug laid out until all groves and bumps are lying flat. Might take a day or two to lye completely flat. Lying heavy objects on top will help flatten the rug out quicker.

Never put a Cowhide rug in direct sunlight especially if the cowhide rug is a dyed rug or metallic. The sun will just reap it from all its dye and it will totally dry out the leather and start to cause hair loss and fraying. Never add   Cowhide rugs in the main walk way or entrance way. Heavy traffic area are a no when it comes to any type of cowhide rugs, dyed metallic or natural. Heavy traffic is going to produce staining, dirt and damage faster than you can imagine. The best place for cowhide rug placement would be in the center of a living room, bed room or den. I would keep it away from centering a dining room. Accidents happen, they are more likely to happen when food and drink is thrown into the mix. Keep the cowhide rug in the main focal point of a lounge room and away from direct sun. This will help achieve a longer life to the cowhide rug,

When it is time to clean your cow hide rug. The best advice for an accidental spill and heavy stain would be to call a Stein master rug company. There easy to come by and a dime a dozen. The basics to clean your cowhide rug would be to take care of it all year long. Soft damp rags to pat out any minor spills. A light weight vacuum with soft bristle brush when needed. A light sweeping around the edging. Having a reliable stein master rug company’s telephone number on file is always a must. Keeping up weekly with light cleaning. Light vacuuming. That should keep your cowhide rug happy and last for years to come.

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