Zebra print cowhide rugs are unique and will add bold blocks of colour and style to any room in the house.  Many homeowners choose the zebra print cow hides because of the stunning pattern of the stripes.  Adding stripes to a room gives a certain flair and style to any décor.  The dark and light colors of the stripes give a stunning appeal.  The texture and natural style of the cowhide zebra print rugs offers distinction, and looks convincingly realistic.

Black and white is elegant and contemporary.  Like the Zebra, the zebra stripe cowhide rug is distinctive with a general pattern of stripes like no other.  The beautiful black white or grayish tan stripes are their fingerprints.  Adding distinctive elements into a room design gives an accent piece that people will admire.  These zebra stripe cowhide rugs are durable, soft, and eye appealing.  Toss the rug over the back of a red couch for elegance, or position it under a contemporary glass table for a chic look.  There are so many ways that the zebra stripe cowhide rugs can accent your home.

The zebra stripe cowhide rugs are accent pieces that are easy to incorporate in any home style.  The simplicity of the black and white stripes offers the room a certain sophistication, as well as dimension.  The accent piece draws the eye to the piece.  Children love the zebra stripes in their rooms.  These rugs add to the zoo or jungle designs that many children choose for their rooms.  The rugs are soft and durable as well as hypoallergenic.  Allergies in children are a large concern for many parents.  When choosing accent pieces for the home, parents look at the materials that pieces are produced from before they incorporate them into the room.  Natural zebra print cowhide rugs are good to use in the house because they are all natural and safe for young and old.

Zebras have the mindset of herding.  They stay together in small groups.  The colors in zebras as they run in the open meadows are dynamic.  These beautiful animals are known for their stripes and colours.  Just as the zebra is dynamic, the zebra print cowhide rugs are dynamic.  Black and white are traditionally one of the favorite colour choices in homes.  Black and white goes with almost any colour palette.  These rugs are large enough to make a statement as well as give the natural softness and warmth they are designed to give.

A zebra print rug can bring the feeling and the adventure of a big game hunt to your man cave.  Every zebra is unique in its own right just as your personal den of pleasure or man cave is meant to be.  With its strong masculine appearance, the feeling of masculinity will flow throughout the area that this rug adorns.  Whether you are a big game hunter or just an individual that enjoys nature, this rug is sure to convey the message of adventure to its guests.  From days of old to modern times, humankind has adorned his abode with animal skins to convey their skills and masculinity as hunters and providers.  Let your living spaces be decorated with the unique and dynamic colours of one of City Cow’s zebra print cowhide rugs.

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