Sheepskin rugs are the perfect rugs for a child’s bedroom.  The reason behind using a sheepskin rug rather than a synthetic man-made rug, is the natural fibers and softness of a sheepskin rug.  When families are searching for decorations for a baby or child’s room, they want things that are free from hazards and allergens.  Natural sheepskin is the perfect rug to place in the room because it is hypo-allergenic.  This style rug is soft and provides a warm place for the child to play on the floor.

During the cold months of the year, people are smart in purchasing sheepskin rugs for their home as well as their automobiles.  A sheepskin rug is perfect for covering up when out in the snow.  Parents of days gone by used the animal skins as clothing and for warmth.  Mothers used the sheepskin for a bunting to wrap up their newborns when going out in the cold.  The natural insulation will provide a soft alternative to thick blankets.

When looking back at Indians and their “papoose”, it is apparent that they knew the way to keep their children safe and warm by using the animal skin to wrap the children.  Mothers could wrap the child in the animal skin and attach the bunting to their backs.  The baby felt the coziness of being close to their mother as well as the warmth of being wrapped in the sheepskin.  When the children were older, the Indians used the sheepskin to place on their children’s floor for them to sleep on.  They knew how soft these skins were.  They also knew these skins could keep the children warm in cold weather.

When driving a car it is a good idea to keep animal skins in the car in case of bad weather.  Rolling a sheepskin or other animal skin up and placing it in the back of the car will give the security of knowing your family will stay warm in bad weather while traveling.  These sheepskins and other animal skins are perfect for placing on seats in cars for extra warmth and comfort during long trips.  Sheepskins are not just for the floor.  They are useful in the car and could save your life.

Sheepskin is the perfect type rug to place in a nursery.  When creating a nursery, think of the times when the child will be playing outside of the cradle.  These rugs come in a variety of colours so it is easy to match to any nursery décor.  Boys enjoy the baby blue and girls the pink colour rugs.  If decorating in the nursery using sheepskin, make sure that the rug is put in an area where everyone can admire the rug.  These rugs are durable, comfortable, and allergen free.  They are safe for the infant or young child so why not visit our website to order your sheepskin rug.  Sheepskin is the perfect rug material for any child’s room.

City Cows has a wide variety of animal skin rugs to decorate your walls and your floors.  The wide variety of colours available gives you the choices for your whole house. Prices start at just £49.00 plus delivery.

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