With Christmas just round the corner there will be those of you who have already completed all your Christmas shopping. For those who leave things to the last minute why not consider an animal hide rug as a Christmas gift for a loved one?  Animal hide rugs make great Christmas presents as they are suitable to give as gifts for both men and women. Also on the plus side, since they are not clothing it takes away the possibility you may buy the wrong size.  With that being said here is City Cows Christmas gift guide for 2012, so if any of you are looking for some last-minute pressie inspiration be sure to read on!

A cowhide rug is a fantastic gift to buy someone, young and old alike. Cowhide rugs go with almost all colour schemes, depending on which colour you buy. The good news is that while cowhides used to be a relatively expensive and pricey investment for your home, City Cows now has many cowhide rugs on sale from only £99! This means you can treat the loved ones in your life to a touch of natural luxury this Christmas time.  A cow hide will be a great present for a young couple, old couple, girlfriend, boyfriend or best friend. For further details click here.

In the true spirit of Christmas what can be a better gift for someone than a luxurious and natural reindeer hide?  Everyone would love to own their very own piece of ‘Rudolph’, and these natural skins available in a range of brown and grey hues are guaranteed to please even the pickiest of folks on your Christmas list. City Cows has a full range of large and extra large reindeer hides on sale this holiday season, and with prices starting at just £99, there’s never been a better time to buy. For further details and to order online click this link.

For those who are on a lower budget fear not as we still have the ideal economical present for one of your loved ones this Christmas. A sheepskin rug will make an ideal gift for anyone who appreciates the natural tactile fur and beauty of these traditional faves. City cows now has a wide variety of sheepskin rugs in stock featuring an array of natural and dyed coloured sheepskins to choose from. Our range of single sheepskin rugs start at only £49, so they are the perfect price tag for those who prefer to spend a little less this year. These fabulous rugs look fantastic in a child’s bedroom, living room or study and can be used as a fireside or bedside rug. They can also be used as a warm and cosy furniture throw draped over a sofa arm, or armchair. For further details on our range of sheepskin rugs click here. We also stock a variety of sizes and they can be bought in single, double or quad sizes depending on the area you want to place the sheepskin.



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