Cow hide has been used throughout history for manufacturing many different kinds products. It is a popular material because of its durability and wide variety of uses. Cowhide rugs are one such product that deliver long lasting craftsmanship and can be used to add rustic beauty to your home.

The Highest Quality Cow Hide

There are several methods used in the production of cowhide rugs, but the chromium curing process used in South American countries is recognized as the best manufacturing procedure. This process yields the most supple, soft and flexible cow hide available in the entire world.

This method also completely eliminates last for a lifetime.the unpleasant animal smell associated with lesser quality cow hides. Overall, the South American curing process delivers the highest quality  hides available and eliminates many allergens that would otherwise be a problem for individuals with animal allergies.

The Benefits of Cow Hide

In addition to long lasting durability, cowhide rugs are hypo-allergenic so they wont aggravate individuals who have pet allergies. The natural elegance of a cowhide rug can add beauty to your home and provides versatility because of its variety of applications and uses.

Another benefit of cowskin rugs is that compared to many other types of hides, they are quite affordable. The small investment involved when purchasing a cowhide rug will yield a hardwearing, long lasting compliment to the décor of your home, office or virtually any interior location.

Cow Hide Décor Options

A cowhide rug can be used as the floor centrepiece of any room, but can also be used for alternative design applications. Although it is most commonly found in hunting lodges, hanging cow hide on the wall can be used to  add an outdoor feel and rustic beauty to any room of your home.

Cow hide is commonly used to make leather for furniture upholstery. Using a cowhide rug to cover your favourite arm chair will provide further protection to the furnishing while also adding an interesting and naturally pleasing look.

The Classic Style of Cow Hide

Whether you choose to use cowhide rugs for floor application, wall hangings or furniture covers, they offer timeless beauty to any area of the home. The natural beauty of cow hide will give any room an outdoor atmosphere.

Cowhide rugs also act as a popular conversation piece among friends, family and visitors. Placing a cowhide rug in your home is a simple, affordable and versatile décor option that will stand up to the test of time.

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