Here at City Cows we are embracing the colder weather, shorter days and the countdown to the most magical time of year by slashing the prices on our reindeer hides.  Our premium quality reindeer skin rugs have all been silicone-treated to help prevent excessive shedding and to ensure the animal skin is waterproof.  Many retailers charge a substantial amount more for this variety of animal skin, but City Cows is able to pass on the savings directly to our customers as we have a large purchasing power and are able to buy these hides in bulk.

Winter is a popular time of the year for the sale of these items as they are naturally deep pile rugs and have a lovely textured effect which adds style, warmth and elegance to your home furnishings. These popular products make ideal rugs or furniture throws and are available in natural stylish hues of grey and browns.

We stock two different sizes of reindeer rugs; large and extra large. Our large sized reindeer rugs are typically somewhere around 130 x 115 cm, wheras our extra large reindeer skins are typically around 150 x 135 cm.  We have reduced the prices of these rugs to start from only £99.00!  Once considered an expensive luxury item, these stunning animal skins are now within everyones budget.

Your reindeer hide will typically be shipped next business day and will take a further twenty four to forty eight hours for delivery. The delivery cost is only £9.00 per order so if you wanted to buy a few and give them to your family and friends for Christmas the delivery charge will stay the same.

For further details call one of our friendly sales advisors today to complete your order over the phone, or to book an appointment to view one of these stunning natural skins at our showroom in Central London. Telephone 0207 099 6616 or view our website at for further details and to order online.


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