Reindeer RugAny highly skilled designer knows how important accent pieces are when decorating a home’s interior.  One of the hottest home decor items currently enjoying extensive popularity as well as an ever-increasing demand is authentic reindeer hide items.  Useful for a variety of decorating purposes, home decor enthusiasts are implementing superior quality reindeer skin as a stunning and unique accent piece for any home and office.

Purchasing a properly treated reindeer hide is important for ensuring long lasting durability.  A skilled tanner will ensure the hide is waterproof as well.  The treated reindeer skin optimally withstands damp conditions making it perfect for use in an outdoor patio, porch or garden area.  Thoroughly drying a wet or damp hide will allow the item to retain its original condition without causing any damage.

Mounting a treated hide on an accent wall offers a stunning decoration piece while adding warmth and diversity to the design of any room.  A versatile rustic wooden deerskin frame allows guests to view both sides of a decorative deer hide.  A popular choice, deerskin selections include vivid and colorful painted symbols and designs for hair-on or hairless hides.

Reindeer rugs are highly in demand for home decor and add optimal comfort due to the deep and luxurious pile.  The added durability as well as the plush fur texture and deep rich colors, treated hair-on hides make a perfect addition for any floor.  Whether implemented to add warmth to a low traffic area of a home or gloriously spread before a mantel, these luxurious hides have become a must-have in the design industry.  Wherever choosing to display, a reindeer rug adds character to any location.  Tying a room’s decor together is easy when implementing combinations of a reindeer rug, illuminated wall mounted display as well as a soft hide thrown over a chair or couch.

Caring for a reindeer rug requires placing it in a low-traffic area as they do have a tendency to shed.  Because hides also dry out easily, be sure to display the item in a low-heat area.  A light and periodic water spray to the skin’s surface side ensures it will keep the soft and supple condition.  Reindeer hide items are a superior and affordable investment in any home decor project.  Taking proper care of your reindeer skin will ensure longevity of the item while infusing wonderful rustic warmth to any design and color scheme.

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