a beautiful cow hide rug

Cowhide is the natural, unbleached skin which includes hair of a bovine animal (cow). It keeps the original cow skin colours. Cow hides are a natural by-product of the food processing industry and cow hide can also be manufactured into leather, which can then be made into shoes, wallets and leather clothing and other products.

When a cow is slaughtered, the skin is taken off and then initially salted to preserve it before being sorted into differing size and colours. In the leather tannery, often a traditional hair on hide tanning method is used to make sure the hide remains soft and supple and more resistant to odour and moulting and thus the cow hide can last for a very long time in normal use.

On completion of the tanning process the cowhide is naturally dried and the hides are then graded for quality and imperfections.The best quality hides are usually presented in their natural colours, which are based on the different types of cattle. Cow hide can be coloured with dyes to resemble other animal skins such as tiger or zebra.

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 A cow hide rug will last you for life and never go out of fashion!

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