cow hide a.b.c

What do the letters C.O.W. H.I.D.E stand for?

 Just a bit of fun with some home truths about the fantastic style properties of cow hide and cow hide accessories !

C – is for cool and chic and of course cow hide!

O – is for obvious as they are an obvious improvement to your home style and decor and once you have purchased a cow hide rug or cow hide accessory you’ll wonder why you didn’t do it earlier.

W– is for wonderful – once you gave a cow hid rug you’ll wonder why you ever waited -we just love ’em and know you will too.

H – is for happy which is what you’ll be once you have a cow hide rug or accessory in your home.

I – is for individual – each cow hide is unique and different and the photos on City Cows or Cow Hide Rugs UK are of the actual cow hide so you’ll know exactly the cow hide rug you are buying before you purchase – we don’t believe in surprises just a beautiful, affordable, high quality cow hide every time.

D – is for don’t delay any longer as there’s never been a better time in terms of the availability of affordable, high quality cow hide rugs to buy one for your home.

 E – excellent place to buy – you’ve read the reasons and now you want to buy so why not visit two of the best sites on the web for excellent customer service and high quality, affordable cow hide rugs and cow hide accessories – City Cows and Cow Hide Rugs UK.


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