what a cow hide says about you

We are all individuals – up to a point – but what we what we do, our friends that we choose and the decisions we make go to shape the person that we become. I would not for one minute wish to say that we are the brands that we wear are also part of this equation – but others such as Naomi Klein in her acclaimed book No Logo already has.

Taste and our choices we make when furnishing our home are also an important part of our essential makeup – decisions that go to both provide contentment internally but also the image which we wish to project to the world.

So what does choosing a cow hide rug or cow hide accessory say about you ?

  • You care about the world and the environment and you prefer the natural over the synthetic – you are connected to the earth and you know and care where things come from.
  • You are contemporary and up to date but also traditional in taste.
  • You appreciate quality but don’t over do it – value for money is also important.
  • You think long term for you know a cow hide rug will last for a very long time and you are not just buying for now but also for the future.
  • You know where to come for the UK’s leading importer and retailer of high quality cow hide rugs and cow hide accessories which is of course City Cows and our sister site Cow Hide Rugs UK.

Hug yourself with a cow hide rug – because you’re worth it.

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