All one needs to do is look at the history of fashion runways to see how fur, and we mean real fur, has transcended all time. It dominates every fall/winter season and for good reason.

Fur is beautiful to look at, and each garment shows off unique texture, color and dimension. It’s long-lasting, cozy-warm, rich-looking and flattering on women of all ages, skin tones and hair colors.

A fur gilet is, perhaps, one of the most versatile pieces to have in one’s closet every season. It’s an affordable garment that has been designed for exquisite layering. It’s not heavy and not too light. It’s perfect for both casual and formal outings.

When rabbit and fox furs are combined, a fur gilet looks elegant, chic and eye-catching. Toscana sheepskin is another gorgeous gilet option in a real fur garment. Both choices give the wearer lots of wardrobe variety and styling possibilities.

For example, sheepskin offers two-for-one fashion. On one side, there is suede-like sheepskin with fur trim around the edges. Once the garment is turned the other way around, the entire gilet is covered in wool fur.

Now, imagine a stunning sheepskin gilet in pretty shades of Chocolate Brown, Whiskey, Rust, Khaki, Stone or Black.

When it comes to a rabbit/fox gilet of fur, the choice of colors is also striking in Ice Blue, Grey, Navy, Black, Stone or Khaki.

A poncho in genuine fur is another classic styling option to consider. Just place it over your head and go! The designs are sassy and sophisticated and look as lovely over a formal gown to a tee-shirt and jeans. The fur collar is warm and cozy and very flattering. One cannot mess up wearing a fur poncho because it looks amazing with any article of clothing one puts on.

As streetwear, the fur gilet becomes an instant style showpiece. Maybe that’s why the U.K.’s most glamorous women wear them often. Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and Pippa Middleton have several gilets in genuine fur. Sam Faiers also hits the street in a gilet along with Jade Thirwall and Elizabeth Hurley.

Across the pond, Paris Hilton, Kendall Jenner and Jennifer Lopez use the gilet as a top fall/winter fashion piece and carry the look into spring.

The gilet in genuine fur looks incredible over a mini, with leather pants like Jlo wears them, with skinny jeans, a maxi dress or even with sweats.

The furry waistcoat can be layered over just about any favorite garment and never look out of fashion.

Real fur is both vintage and modern and a wise, inexpensive wardrobe investment that one can take out and put on in every decade to come. It’s made to last and to provide the ultimate fashion and function wearability.

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