Beni Ourain rugs have become more and more popular in the interior design world lately. With their fascinating designs that tell stories and their comfortable feel, this is no surprise. They are actually woven by the women in the Moroccan tribe. This tradition is passed down to other females within their generation. These rugs have multiple uses and benefits that separate them from those regular rugs you see at your local furniture store. There is also a rich and charming history behind these rugs that give them more depth than what you can initially see.

These rugs began in the Paleolithic period. They were being woven by the Berbers, an ancient African tribe. These rugs have a signature knotting technique. They’re very colorful and contained symbols with which the Berbers would use to communicate with each other. The symbols have been compared to the likes of Egyptian hieroglyphics. The rugs were made to pass down stories, legends, and myths to future generations. They used to be used as prayer mats. Nowadays, these rugs can still be colourful. An authentic Beni rug, however, is usually monochromatic, containing no dye. The wool used for these rugs are from the sheep in the Atlas mountains. That makes them very soft.

Not only do the designs of these rugs tell stories, but they can be bestowed as blessings. An authentic Beni rug with fertility symbols, for example, can be given to newlyweds to bless them with numerous, healthy children. They make for good conversation-starters. Are you a very spiritual person and you want to ward off evil spirits from your home? There are rugs for that. They contain particular symbols that were specifically made to protect your home and anyone living in it from any malevolent ghosts. If you happen to love various cultures and would like to add some Moroccan culture in your home, then Beni Ourain Rugs are prime candidates.

Berber rugs can be either tightly woven or loosely looped. This is based on the different climates in Morocco that the Berber tribe members live in. Colder climates will have those bigger loops. The rugs will feel softer and more warm for bare feet. Tightly woven rugs are for hotter climates. Whichever kind of rug you prefer, they still have their signature style and deeply-rooted folklore within them. Beni Ourain rugs, specifically, would more likely have the loops.

It’s not often enough that interior design includes furniture that has an ancient history to it with a separate story told from each piece. An authentic Beni rug is not only a very soft, warm, and comfortable type of rug, but it is filled with rich culture. It could tell a story, give your home a blessing, or protect you and its dwellers from evil spirits. No matter which one it is, Beni Ourain rugs are genuinely crafted by members of the Berber tribe. Their monochromatic colors can match just about any interior design of any color. They meld in with your home, just like how the Moroccan culture melds in with these rugs.

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