Colour is an important element in any space. Colours need to be thought about carefully. Any colour scheme should include multiple colours if possible. Designating one colour to serve as the backdrop while picking out two or three other colours to serve as secondary colours is a great way to decorate any room. When looking for ways to add colour, a cowhide rug can serve as an excellent choice. Cowhide rugs come in many different colours. A rug can help provide a beautiful focal point that adds lots of much wanted colour to the space. Think about the kind of colour wanted in the room. It’s easy to find a rug that has the kind of colour that works well for any intended colour scheme.

Brown Rugs

Brown is one of those colours that goes with everything. A soft brown cowhide rug blends in well with many other kinds of decor choices. For example, the brown rug looks great against white tiles or light wood flooring. A brown rug made from cowhide is also easy to care for and very beautiful. Brown rugs work with other brown furniture. A brown rug can help show off the lovely lines of a rocking chair or a hand crafted bookshelf. Brown also pairs well with brighter colours such as green and shades of vibrant red. Think about using in spaces where you are aiming for a rich group of shades and lots of understated colours.

White Rugs

Another important colour in many rooms is white. White helps serve as a neutral colour that allows other colours to shine even more. Many cowhide rugs are totally or partially white. A white rug made from cowhide makes the ideal flooring in any home. The rug helps anchor the other elements in the space. A large expanse of white rug is a great way to help make any room warmer and more open. The rugs can also help welcome in the warmer months by adding a neutral colour. White rugs, like other kinds of rugs made from cowhide, are easy to clean and have an all natural feel. They are highly versatile. This rug works with many kinds of decorating plans as well as other decorative elements such as plants and tables.

Black Rugs

While many people admire brown or white rugs, they also find black rugs highly appealing. Rugs made from black cowhide are extremely versatile. Black rugs add lots of dramatic flair and elegance to any space. A black rug can also adds heft and depth to a room that might otherwise lack character. Black rugs work well with lighter coloured furnishings. A black rug can be paired with light curtains for a look that is entirely unique. The black rug can also help bring out other colors in the room such as silver, gold and yellow. Look for a rug made from cowhide in a colour that appeals to you for the right rug in your home.

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