In a world where so much is all about the use of modernism and products made by machine, many people still yearn for a time when it was all about the world of craft. Fortunately, it’s still possible to connect with ancient roots. This is one of many reasons why so many people today turn to hand rafted rugs. A handcrafted Moroccan Berber rug is an ideal way to bring the natural world right into your living room. When thinking about the kind of ways to bring the outdoors inside and make any home part of nature, such rugs are perfect. A Beni Ourain rug is still made using age old traditions that haven’t changed. The use of such techniques to make Berber rugs gives them a timeless appeal that continues to fascinate the world.

Tending Sheep

The natural world still calls to so many people. People love spending time outdoors surrounded by natural beauty. Berber rugs can help bring the outdoors right into their own home. Such rugs are made from some of the world’s finest wool. Carefully trained crafters learn how to use the wool they gather from sheep in the Atlas mountains of Morocco. The sheep are tended lovingly and spend a great deal of time outdoors. During this time, they feed on grains and other substances in the area. The sheep grow fat and happy. Sheep that are lovingly tended give wool that is silky, soft and easy to turn into a stunningly beautiful rug.

Using the Wool

Each person creating a Beni Ourain rug does so using wool that has been sheared from local area sheep. The wool is then spun into thick fibers that take dye well. This process has been going on for many centuries. Over time, residents of the area have been learning how best to use the wool to create rugs that are made from natural materials. Then, the weaver can take the wool and use it to make a Moroccan Berber rug that is all about using natural resources that lie lightly on the land. Using natural materials such as wool allows for an end product that helps call to mind the intense loveliness of the surrounding mountains and the wonderful culture that produces such rugs.

An All Natural End Product

Once the rug is finished, it’s an all natural item that works great in any space. The natural texture that comes from the use of wool is something that many people admire. Each rug has a nubby texture that works well in any setting. An all natural Berber rug also works with other kinds of all natural, handcrafted items. A rug can help show off the natural grain in beautiful wood floors, the use of classic techniques in a heavily embroidered pillow or the wonderful curve of a rattan chair. Each kind of all natural Moroccan Berber rug has something special that calls to mind the outdoors each time someone looks at it.

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