Cowhide RugsWhen decorating our homes, we all strive to find the perfect balance between comfort, style and functionality. Although many pieces of home decor meet one of these qualifications, they may lack in another. Cowhide rugs, however, are the perfect mixture of practicality and beauty. Here are three advantages of choosing a cow rug as part of your home decor:

1. Each cowhide design is unique.

Although popular in western decor, cowhides can add interest to any design scheme. Because of the variation in colour and pattern, you can choose a piece that fits perfectly with your specific decor. Patterns vary from bold stripes to subtle blends of spots; zebra prints and metallic choices are even available. These unique pieces work well as floor coverings, sofa accents or wall hangings. Whatever look you’re trying to achieve, you can bring it all together with a unique piece that is sure to add interest to your space.

2. Cow rugs are durable pieces of home decor.

If you have ever been concerned about buying high quality design pieces because of the damage your pets, children or simply everyday wear may cause, you don’t need to worry with cow rugs. The natural fibers withstand years of use, and although durable, they are not stiff, but soft to the touch. Rather than expensive and time-consuming cleaning processes, simple spot-cleaning is best for spills, and a simple shaking is all cowhides need to maintain their beauty. If you prefer deeper cleaning, you can even vacuum cowhides. Even with heavy foot traffic from your beloved children or pets, these rugs will stand up to the test.

3. Cowhides are safe for home decoration.

For many people with allergies, having an animal product in their home is nothing short of a nightmare. However, cowhides are the best choice for anyone wanting to add the unique design element of animal products without worrying about allergens. The natural fibers do not collect dust easily, and the tanning process to preserve and protect the cowhides further dissuades allergens from being trapped in the rug’s pores; additionally, the cowhides’ gentle oils do not attract bacteria and its compounds will not grow mold. Anyone can accent their home decor with a safe, natural product like a cow rug.

Whether decorating your “forever home” or giving your apartment a face-lift, genuine cowhide rugs add the perfect elements of style, practicality and comfort to any space. Their attractive design will interest your house guests while withstanding the use of your entire family. An investment for a cleaner, more attractive home starts with a cowhide.

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