Berber RugBerber rugs are made by the Berber tribes of the Atlas Mountains. The rugs typically come come in traditional simple designs which can be distinguished by the texture of the fabric, the dyes used, and the knotting patterns. The Berber people in Morocco started making them several millennia ago when they started using natural sheep wool to make rugs and carpets. The rugs come in variable sizes namely small, medium, and large. They are easily identifiable because of their white and ivory tones.

Modern rugs or those made from the industry have a loop pile type so that they can resemble the knot that the traditional ones have. Darker colors are added to the light background colors that the modern rugs have. This is to make them appear like the natural version which does not have a dye. Modern rugs have no pattern and will only have a plain color mix. The benefit of the industrial made Berber products is that they are cheap and durable because of the fabric that they use. There is still an existing industry of handmade rugs in Berber communities. One might think that these rugs are homemade and make up a family business. Berber families make these carpets by hand and later sell them to tourists and in the local market.

Some of the materials that are commonly used to make modern rugs include Olefin fiber, wool, and Nylon.  Moroccan Berber rugs have become very popular because of their design and durability.  They do not wear out easily and can stay for long without getting replaced. They are preferred because of their stain-resistant nature and also because they are cheaper than thick plush carpets.

Experts recommend that Moroccan rugs made from Olefin should be dry-cleaned or cleaned using a low moisture process. This is because steam cleaning with detergents that have a high alkalinity will cause burns on the fabric. The over-wet fabric could cause tanning from the sugars in the rug to bleed and produce brown or yellow spots. Cleaning chemicals that can remove these stains are usually expensive, and one is not guaranteed that they will remove the spots fully. The rugs should be cleaned professionally after every 6-12 months to prevent wear patterns from forming. One should research appropriately on the best way to clean the rug or have it done by a professional cleaner.

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