Cowhide Rug In Contemporary BedroomWhen most people think of cowhide rugs, they automatically picture an outdated room that’s clearly from the 70s. However, that’s not the case anymore. Cowhide rugs are making a big comeback nowadays, bringing class and style to wherever they’re placed. A lot of that has to do with how useful they are in home decoration. For those who are unfamiliar with what cow hide is, it’s the natural skin and hair of a cow that hasn’t been bleached in any way. In other words, it still has the original hue of the animal in it. Then, this cowhide can be processed into a leather, which you can use to make just about anything from shoes to belts.


However, cowhide if often transformed into a cowhide rug that you can place into rooms all over your house. As far as home decoration goes, you can dye this animal rug to resemble tiger or even zebra. Typically, though, if you were to dye the cowhide to decorate your home with, you should use a lower quality cowhide. That’s because the high quality cowhides are usually sold in their natural colors, because of the breed of animal it comes from. In general, though, cowskin rugs are great for rooms in your home where there is heavy traffic. That’s due to the fact that these rugs contain natural fibers which are super durable to withstand having people walk all over it. Besides that, cowhide rugs are fantastic for rooms where there is going to be food present, like the dining room.That’s because cowhide is very easy to clean. That means if you or one of your guests drops their food or even a drink on it, the rug won’t be stained. You’ll easily be able to get the dirt off, leaving it looking spotless and brand new all the time.


Specifically, though, cowhide rugs look amazing when paired in a room where there is some cowboy-influenced pieces scattered around. For instance, if there’s a cow’s head on the wall and a Western-style rug on the floor, any cow hide becomes a fantastic piece because the tone and mood of the room is already set. Then, when a cowhide rug is put in a room with leather and wood decor, it automatically creates a masculine look. Cowhide can also end up being the inspiration behind many of your room’s patterns.


For example, if you have a cow hide that is dyed with a zebra print, you can then purchase items like bed sheets and lamp shades to fill the room that also have that very same print. While people may have been hesitant to buy cowskin rugs back in the day, today they are very trendy. No matter what room you put it in, you’re bound to create a stylish flair that you and your guests won’t be able to get enough of.

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