Hot New Metallic Styles
Hot New Metallic Styles

With all due respect to subtle, neutral and demure decors, it’s time to add some excitement to your home. The 2015 trends do just that. Darker colors are showing up on the walls and a mix of interesting textures and eclectic patterns are being included in the decor to add excitement to the atmosphere.

The new decorating trends don’t have you abandoning some of the favorite home accessories such as cowhide rugs, they simply encourage you to be more adventurous with the designs you select. A cowhide rug has long been a popular feature in home decor due to its durability.

Any of the basic cowskin rugs could be incorporated into the 2015 decorating trends, but with the focus on sparkling, shimmering accessories, a metallic cowhide rug would be a great way to update your decor.

Take a moment to envision how exquisite a gold and white metallic cow hide rug would look in a room with cobalt walls and bright orange or elegant gold accents. That same color of rug would promote a regal atmosphere in a room with deep purple walls. If you browse through some home decorating sites or home decor magazines, you’ll notice that designers are showcasing the beauty of black walls. Black walls encourage you to bring in lots of glitz and glamour.

A silver metallic cowhide rug would graciously provide the ideal amount of bling and visual excitement for a room with black walls. As part of the newer decorating trends that promote exciting interiors, you can be quite creative and versatile with your use of animal rugs. A black and white metallic cowhide rug would wake up a modern or contemporary kitchen. It would beautifully complement the popular stainless steel appliances, chrome bar stools and dark granite counter tops that are typically a part of modern kitchen designs. Children and teens appreciate a trendy style bedroom.

Spills are no cause for alarm with cowskin rugs. That makes them a perfect accessory for a child’s room. They are also durable enough to withstand the activity level of young children. Self-expression is important to teens, especially when it comes to decorating their bedroom. Teens are likely to find a red and gold metallic cowhide rug the perfect accessory for their bedroom. Since the new decorating trends encourage you to step away from the ordinary, you can get creative with the placement of your sparkling metallic rug. Hang it as wall art. Use it to cover a sofa, accent chair, coffee table or trunk. Place it on top of a solid color duvet to make your bed a spectacular focal point of the room. Most importantly, just enjoy this stunning home accessory.

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