Decorating with natural hides is a classy way to bring nature’s beauty into a home where friends and family can enjoy a touch of the old West. Cow skin is the most versatile and accommodating natural hide with a wide range of colours that can accent any room in a home. Cowhide rugs are hypoallergenic and odorless, and a wide range of colours makes them suitable as accent pieces and wall hangings in any style of décor. The silky soft hair is warm and welcoming to bare feet, and the cushioning effect is always comfortable. Style and originality reflect well on the discriminating taste of a homeowner who incorporates natural hides into a home’s décor.

Decorating in Black and White

A room that features the contrast of black and white is a classic in any architectural style. Matching or contrasting tones blend well with the sharp colors on a natural hide, and the unique patterns are never repeated. Each piece has a distinction of its own that makes it perfect for a focal point in a bedroom or living room. Contemporary homes as well as those that follow a traditional design can easily use a black and white cowhide rug to make a room complete.

Blending Tan with Contrasting Colors

The subtle tone of a tan rug in front of a fireplace is an invitation to sit and relax after a busy day. Low maintenance is a desirable attribute of animal pelts in addition to uniquely beautiful patterns. Animal pelts are extremely durable and show no wear for years to come. Giving them a brisk shake can make them look new, and a gentle brushing adds to their luster. Placed in front of a chair in a matching or contrasting shade, a tan rug adapts easily to the style of a room.

Featuring Brown and White Tones

The most familiar hide to many people one with brown and white colors, and it is acceptable in the most casual or sophisticated room. Sofas provide the central focus in a living room, and cowskin rugs in brown and white add to the coordinated appearance of a favored spot for relaxation. Familiar complementary colours welcome family to relax at the end a day.

Choosing a Black Accent

Black hides are among the most unusual in the animal world, and rugs that are predominantly black are uniquely special. A salt and pepper pattern features black on the central part of the rug with a light sprinkling of white around the edges. As a wall hanging, a black pelt is strikingly beautiful and accessible to anyone who wants to touch its soft silkiness.

Versatile and durable natural skin rugs bring a unique style to a home that is reminiscent of life on a ranch in the great open spaces. Bringing nature’s elegance inside with pelts is an easy way to accent a home. Hypo-allergenic and odorless, they display the beauty of nature that reflects well on the aesthetic values of the owner.

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