Cowhides make a wonderful decoration for any home. They come in a variety of colours to choose from that will match almost any theme. These hides can be used as a sofa throw or as a floor rug underneath a coffee table. A long-lasting hypoallergenic cow hide is the perfect solution for a home that receives a lot of foot traffic on a regular basis.

The theme of a home does not need to be Western in order for these cow hides to work. The skins can be used as wall decorations to bring out a portrait on the wall. They are a great conversation piece that will leave people asking many questions. The lovely silk feel to these rugs make them perfect for bare feet on a spring day. Feet can get a massage while walking throughout the home.

In addition to how great they feel on feet, the black and white traditional hide can be used in almost any room that needs a special tough of uniqueness. This type of pattern is natural and does not repeat like a stripe themed rug. It can blend in with any room, but still be the main focus point. Placing a rug in front of a fireplace can make the fireplace easier on the feet.

A fireplace needs decoration and it can be hard to find something that will not wear badly near it. A tan coloured hide will blend in nicely and be a perfect spot to rest after a cold day. Brown and white patterns also work well for this purpose. There are other colors and designs to use in front of the fireplace to make it stand out even further.

For the jewellry lover, a metallic hide can add style and luxury to any home. These rugs are very easy to maintain. They can be washed with a damp cloth from time to time to maintain their beauty.

The allergy-sufferer need not worry when buying a cow hide. They are hypoallergenic, so will not attract dust and allergens like their synthetic counterparts. There will not be tiny fibers of hair flying around the home. A regular rug traps dirt and dust between the fabric fibers and makes it hard for some people to breathe. A cow hide will collect as much dust as any type of wood furniture. When dust collects on the rug, just take it outside and shake it well. Children can even help with this.

Kids and pets bring many threats when it comes to home decorations. They can spill their drinks, chew on furniture legs or even break household items. A natural hide will resist many stains and scratches. Animals have thick coats to protect them from horrific natural disasters. While the rug might not be protected well from a tornado, it will surely stand up to a juice stain.

In conclusion, cow hide rugs offer a unique way to style a home. They are made to be as durable as possible. The animal lover can be assured that no cow will be harmed solely for making these rugs. They are taken from the waste at a meat processing plant. To view City Cows range of cowhides please click here.

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