Nature Shares Her Beauty

Reindeer HidesEvery truly charming home that takes advantage of rustic décor needs a centerpiece that anchors the rest of the furniture and pulls the whole design together.  A reindeer skin rug is the ideal item for allowing decorators to achieve this kind of unity.  They are perfect for any room of the home or office when a person wants to bring the majestic appeal of nature into their very own living space.  There are few other ways to warm up a room and make it more instantly welcome than to include a sensuous rug of this kind.

Reindeer hides are actually considered a by-product of the animal that is attainable once the reindeer has been slaughtered for their meat on licensed farms.  No reindeer are ever intentionally killed merely to attain their hides.  A reindeer rug is a way to take advantage of all of the parts of the animal so that nothing goes to waste.  Each skin is specially treated through natural processes so that it becomes a soft and highly sought-after product that provides rare luxury.

The vast majority of rugs made from reindeer hide maintain their natural coloring, creating beautiful accent pieces for the palette that you have established.  On top of existing as an item of extraordinary beauty, these rugs are a good investment.  They are waterproof, extremely durable, and are collected in many circles throughout the country.  Because the final product is naturally resistant to the elements, reindeer rugs are not limited to the interior of the home.  Many people delight in the rugs they place on outdoor patios, porches, and garden nooks.  Should the rug become saturated with water, then it can always be hung to dry where it will quickly return to its original splendor.

The actual texture of the fur is soft and plush.  The foot gently nestles into the fur when given adequate pressure.  For this reason, people often place these rugs beside the bed in order to feel the rich and soothing texture on their feet when they first wake in the morning or right before they get into bed.  The only precautions that apply to these kinds of rugs are extreme heat and excessive traffic over long periods of time.  Constant exposures to high temperatures can cause the skin to crack and become permanently damaged.  High levels of traffic can cause the rug to shed and quickly destroy its value and appearance.

Reindeer hides do not have to be limited to one’s floor.  Because of the soothing textures and warmth that the skin can provide, a huge number of people have chosen to use them as throws on the couch or on the bed.  There is no other throw that can provide the same kind of warmth and comfort on chilly, winter nights.  These throws and rugs are also not limited by size.  Reindeer hides comes in a huge variety of sizes, ranging between 10 and 25 square feet.  Larger, rarer hides of extraordinary sizes can often be seen as wall hangings that create a dramatic dynamic in any room of the house.

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