Cowhide RugThere’s a seemingly new trend in the world of interior decorating that’s taking the world by storm. What is it? Animal hide rugs. While the practice of decorating with such things as cowhide rugs, sheepskin rugs, and reindeer rugs has surely been around since shortly after man began to walk the earth, the style is coming back into fashion and here’s several reasons why.

A cowhide rug is both handsome and hypo-allergenic. There’s a very good chance that you’re not allergic to cows, and cow hide won’t trap pollen and dust like your average rug. They come in a variety of colours, the most common being traditional white and brown, and actually come from meat processing plants, so that no animals were harmed just for the sake of their skin. They’re stain resistant and very easy to clean, only requiring you to take it outside and firmly shake it off. You could also use a light brush or broom without damaging it.

Sheepskin rugs are also making a comeback in home decor. They’re very soft and make great throws for your furniture, or a great floor rug as well. Animals and children alike will love to cozy up to the sheepskins due to their natural softness. They come in a variety of colours, even pink, so they can easily make great accent pieces or bed throws for your child’s room. Instead of buying an unsightly dog or cat bed, you could easily just purchase a sheepskin rug and it would match any room you decided to put it in. Stuff it with fluff and sew it up to make comfortable throw pillows for your bed or sofa.

Reindeer rugs are a third option that should certainly not be overlooked. A reindeer hide is very soft and can make a great focal point for any den, office, or living room. You may want to even hang it on the wall or use it as a throw on the back of your sofa. I’ve seen them draped over footlockers and antique chest as well, in order to really play up the rustic look. You should avoid placing it too near heat sources, as they can make the hide begin to shed, thereby losing it’s hair in places. When you clean it, simply shake it as you would a cowhide to remove any dust or debris from it.

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