Reindeer rugs are becoming increasingly popular. There are literally dozens of uses for reindeer skins when decorating your home. Each reindeer skin is unique, so you wouldn’t have to worry about someone else having the exact same one. Contrary to what many people may believe, using a reindeer hide is eco-friendly. Since a reindeer can be used for milk, meat, and other raw materials, the hide is a by product that shouldn’t be wasted. The following are some examples of the many ways to use reindeer skins when decorating your home.

A reindeer hide can be used as a wall hanging, a throw, and as a rug. A reindeer skin rug can be used individually on hardwood or tile floors, and in front of fireplaces. Make sure the rug is removed when the fireplace is in use. Excessive heat can damage the rug. Several can be sewn together to create a large patchwork of rugs to cover an entire floor space. It’s not a good idea to place the rug in high traffic areas. Place the reindeer rug somewhere in the bedroom where you can occasionally step on it with bare feet. The reindeer skin is lush, elegant, and soft to the touch. For a rustic look, keep the reindeer hide in its original shape and use as a throw.

For a more refined look, have the skin cut and shaped, and use it as a table covering or as pillow covers. Reindeer come in a variety of sizes and shapes. Therefore, it shouldn’t be difficult to find skins in a wide range of sizes. Reindeer hides are usually tanned and then sprayed with silicon to make them waterproof. If the hides are cared for properly, they should last for many years. Exposing the hide to excessive heat can damage it by causing shedding. Shake the hide or use a soft brush to clean it instead of using a vacuum cleaner. A few companies do suggest cleaning their reindeer skins with a vacuum, but on a low setting and only occasionally. Prices vary, but are usually in the range of £99 to £139 for a full sized reindeer hide. Reindeer hides can also be made into clothing such as mittens, hats, and even shoes. The skins from reindeer legs are almost always used for apparel. The hair on the legs is generally sturdier and doesn’t break as easy.

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