When you want to add a touch of rustic charm and lovely texture to your home, you will find that you cannot go wrong with a cowhide rug. A rug made from cow skin has been a traditional part of the home in cultures across the world, and once you get to know these rugs a little better, you will be able to see why. Plenty of people have fallen in love with their cowhide rug; are you going to be the next?

In the first place, when you look at cowhide rugs, you’ll find that they have a very pleasing tactile quality. Simply sit with one and run your hands over the sleek fur. You’ll find that the fur on cowhide rugs is very pleasing to the touch, so imagine what it will feel like when you get your bare feet on it! It is such fun to walk over that you will be pleased to hear that cowhide is also naturally very sturdy. Your cowhide rug will last for years with just a little bit of care, and you will find that with a certain amount of maintenance, it will continue to look like new.
Another reason to pick up a gorgeous cowhide rug is that each one is completely unique. Every cowhide has its own patterns of hair. For example, some hides are completely smooth, with the fur growing in the same way, and some hides have swirls of hair and knots in the hide, creating a natural variation of texture and color that is amazingly attractive to the eye.

These days, people are much more interested in having a unique accessory for their home over having something that is incredibly normalized and pre-packaged. The tanning of the cowhides produces all sorts of interesting artifacts in the finished product. The fur can be dyed, for example, to match your home, or you might find that you would rather keep it natural and enjoy all of the fascinating variances that a natural cowhide has. If you are someone who is deeply interested in moving forward with a natural look for your home, a cowhide is a perfect choice.

There are so many fantastic ways to decorate with a cowhide rug. For example, you may choose to simply set it on the floor as a rug, allowing it to add some warmth and some texture to a wood or slate floor. On the other hand, you can hang it up as a display piece or even simply drape it over the back of a couch as a throwaway signature piece for the room.
If you are looking for something that will make your home seem rugged, rustic or simply eclectic, a cowhide rug is exactly what you require. For further details visit our website at http://www.citycows.co.uk/.
photo credit: shelly kennedy/drooz studio via photopin cc

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