City Cows has grabbed a hold of the latest trend in interior design. Give your home a glam makeover with a metallic cowhide rug. While cow skin rugs are nothing new in the world of interior design, they have never made a statement quite like this. The unique look and luxurious feel of cow skin cannot be achieved with any other area rug. Now, it is available in the increasingly popular metallic shine. Make your home one of a kind with a metallic cowhide rug.

Metallic cow skin rugs are perfect for the holiday season. They come in colors like gold, silver, red and silver, and black and silver. While it is not holiday-themed, it could perfectly match the decor for the holidays. Imagine the lights from the Christmas tree shining off the metallic cowhide rug. Imagine sitting on the comfortable rug as you enjoy cookies in front of the fire or exchange gifts with your loved one. These rugs can certainly be enjoyed all year round, but it seems so fitting to invite it into your home during the holiday season.

Metallic cowhide rugs are each unique, but they are all aesthetically pleasing. The shape that they come in depends on the natural size of the cow skin. Usually, they range from about 180 x 180 cm. Of course, they can be larger or smaller. Most manufactured rugs are of a square or circular shape. These types of rugs have a more unique abstract shape that draws the eye in. It adds a flare to the room that no other accessory will be able to match. Part of the appeal of this shape is knowing that you are the only one in the world who has one like it. Even others who purchase metallic cow skin rugs are getting something just a little bit different.

Get creative with how you use your metallic cowhide. It does not need to be put on the floor as a rug. You could throw it over the back of the couch to enhance the look of your furniture. You could do the same for the bed or the arm of a chair. The metallic look certainly makes a statement, so where you put it relates to where you want the focus of the room to be. If you want to center it in front of the couch, it creates a welcoming atmosphere for conversation and interaction. You can always move it around if you feel as though it deserves to be somewhere else.

You don’t have to worry about it becoming damaged if you place it in a certain area. Metallic cowhide rugs are just as easy to clean as traditional cowhides. All they require is a simple wipe with a damp cloth or sponge if something is spilled on them. They do not absorb dirt or liquids very well which means they will last a long time. The resilience of the fibers also ensures that it does not tear or fray easily at all. Manufactured rugs become worn over time and need to be replaced. Cowhide rugs simply become softer and more comfortable as they are broken in.

Metallic cow skin is also hypo-allergenic. Even though it comes from an animal, you do not have to worry about family members or guests who are sensitive to allergies. The skin is naturally hypo-allergenic. It can make a great alternative to down or other natural products.

If you are looking for a stylish new trend to redecorate your home for the holidays, you cannot go wrong with a metallic cowhide rug. It will match the decor of the season, but it will also become a mesmerizing staple in your house that you will come to love. It will nearly take on a personality of its own when you welcome it into your home. Add some sparkle this holiday season, and add a piece of comfort all year round.

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