Twenty Fast Facts About All Things Cowhide – Part 2

Cowhide twenty fast and interesting facts

Cowhide twenty fast and interesting facts

In my last blog article we referred to the 20 fast facts about all things cowhide that we have written for the Info section of the City Cows website – well the previous blog referred to the first ten facts – well thanks for holding your breath but I’m delighted to bring you cowhide and cow fast facts 11 -20 with a bonus 21st fact thrown in for good measure. As Batman might say Holy Cow Batman (that’s fast cowhide fact number 18). Hope you enjoy reading them as much as I did writing them.

But to be a bit serious now we do this at City Cows because we have an unrivalled passion for building the UK’s leading specialist importer and internet only retailer of cowhide skin rugs and carpets, cowhide accessories and footstools and a wealth of other fashionable and stylish items for your home. Why not check out our new faux fur section of have a look at the uber-fashionable funky coloured cowhides – indeed there’s never been a better time to buy from City Cows. We hope to see you soon.

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