Metallic Cowhides

Hop on the latest interior design trend and glam up your home with one of City Cows’ latest additions, metallic cowhide rugs

These stylish cowhides are unique and luxurious, and are guaranteed to add a one-off look to your home interior.

Our metallic cow skin rugs are available in a choice of gold, silver, red and silver, and black and silver.

As with all our hides these cow skins are are cut to a pleasing aesthetic shape.  They are available in a variety of sizes ranging from approximately 180 x 180 cm upwards depending on the natural size of the cow skin.

 Our metallic cow skins make great rugs, furniture throws or home accessories and can be placed on a sofa, end of the bed, or over the arm of a chair to create a unique and original look in your home.

Prices start from £375.00 for the smaller sized hides, up to £395.00 for the larger sized metallic cowhides.

As with all or cowhides, metallic hides are easy to clean, requiring very little maintenance.  Simply wipe away any spills or stains witha  damp sponge to restore your cow hide to it’s former glory.

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