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Reindeer hide from City Cows - we're not just cowhides !

It’s seems to be a strange time to be talking about reindeer hides with Christmas coming so I thought it might be useful to give our readers at City Cows a bit of background  to these wonderful animal skins. All the A-Grade quality reindeer hides we sell at City Cows are silicone treated and so are suitable for use both indoors and outdoors.

We have Reindeer hides in varying shades of natural browns, creams and greys. They  make a stunning rug, or you may wish to use the reindeer hide as a furniture throw, or use them outside for added warmth and comfort on your garden furniture.

Reindeer hides are a very deep pile rug, and there will be some natural shedding of the reindeer hide, but rest assured the excellent quality of our reindeer skins will keep this shedding to a minimum.

For the best results it is good to keep your reindeer hide away from direct heat sources such as underfloor heating.  Our high quality reindeer hides are as with our cowhides and all our animal skin products a natural by-product of the meat industry just the same as the leather shoes or accessories you may have so you can buy with the utmost confidence.

City Cows – we’re not just for cowhides!

Reindeer hide page at City Cows.

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