As we mentioned in our previous City Cow’s blog entry we now have an ongoing Christmas sale. These beautifully luxurious reindeer animal hides are suitable for use either inside the home as an animal skin rug or reindeer hide throw to put over a sofa or seat or alternatively you can use them outside in your garden over a garden seat or as a patio reindeer hide rug. Being silicone treated they are both waterproof and extremely durable.

Here at City Cows we also have what we know is our best ever Christmas sale for our highest grade A quality, chromium tanned (for a longer life), South American cowhide rugs and cowhide accessories at the lowest cowhide prices anywhere. Why not join our many hundreds of satisfied cow hide customers and see for yourself why our customers just keep coming back for more.

To commemorate our reindeer skin hide Christmas sale we have made a short You Tube video for our City Cows dedicated cow hide video channel.

City Cows – home to the finest, affordable reindeer hides complementing our extensive cowhide rugs and cowhide accessories.

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