Cowhide Rug and Chaise

Once you have purchased your cowhide rug, you are left with the decision of where to place it in your home.  You more than likely had a place in mind when you purchased your rug, but there are a few things that you should consider before deciding on a definite position.

To start with you should try to keep it away from direct sunlight as with all soft furnishings to keep the cowhide in great condition.

If you have young children it may be a good to keep it away from where they eat.  This would be applicable to any type of carpet with a similar texture to cowhide but due to the nature of it any spillages are easily wiped away with a damp sponge. 

The most popular position to place a cowhide rug would probably be in the living room and we guarantee that adults, children and the dog  will take a great deal of pleasure in lying on the rug due to the lovely, comforting  feeling that comes from the cowhide.  It is a popular decision to lay it in front of the fire – there is no problem with this but as with any type of rug care must be taken that it is not placed too close to the fire.

It is advisable that you move the rug around every couple of months to cut down on the wear. It is always the case that members of the family walk in the same places of a room every day so it will result in certain areas of the rug getting the most wear and tear. If you move it around this problem will be prevented and the wear and tear on the cowhide rug will be even.

It is not really a good idea to place the rug in the hall in front of your door. Unless it is a common practice in your house to leave your shoes at the front door the rug will become wet and dirty on a regular basis and the extra cleaning will probably be a job that you could live without!

A cowhide rug placed in a room where you can relax and enjoy it will be a great source of pleasure for you and your family for years to come.