Cowhide Rug by Leather Chairs

Cowhide rugs are most definitely the must have home interior accessory of the moment and all it takes is a quick look at any one of the interior design magazines or interior design programmes on TV to realise what a stunning effect they can have on any home.

There are many different types of cowhide rugs and it is worth taking your time before you decide which style will suit your home.  We highly recommend that when you are ready to make your purchase you go to a reputable dealer.  At City Cows we ensure all  our cowhide rugs have been treated properly to ensure your cowhide rug has longer durability.  All our cowhides are chromium tanned at the tannery in Columbia where we have built up an excellent business relationship over the previous 5 years.

By going to a recognised  retailer you will be assured of the very best advice when it comes to making your decision and you will have a selection of the best quality cowhides to choose from.

Before you start searching for that ideal cowhide rug we recommend that you decide whereabouts in your home you are going to place it and then take some measurements.  There is nothing worse than choosing a rug that meets all of your requirements and then when you get it home you find that it just doesn’t fit in the area you had in mind.    Take the measurements and you won’t be disappointed!

Another point that is fairly obvious but often not considered is the décor in the room where you will place the rug.   By considering these decisions before you buy your cowskin rug you will guarantee many years of pleasure from your choice of rug.

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