Although timeless, classic sheepskin rugs have always been a well-loved item among consumers, they have recently experienced yet another surge in popularity. This is likely because the beautiful characteristics and positive benefits with which they are associated never go out of style. Below are some interesting and helpful facts about sheepskin rugs and how they can add beauty and charm to your home.

Plush and Luxurious

The plushness of sheepskin rugs is one of their best-loved characteristics. Few rugs–even those made from other types of animal skins–can boast the soft, luxurious feel of sheepskin. For this reason, you may find that keeping such a rug in front of a sofa, easy chair, bed or other item of furniture creates the ideal surface on which to place your feet. This is particularly true if you enjoy going barefoot, but do not relish the idea of putting your feet down on cold hardwood floors. Sheepskin rugs are also the perfect choice if you enjoy adding a touch of luxury here and there throughout your home.

Add Softness and Warmth to Any Room

Sheepskin rugs are also renowned for the warmth and softness they add to any room in which they are placed. For example, such rugs add a warm touch to hardwood or tile floors and instantly infuse a soft note into the room. Therefore, you may wish to invest in several rugs of this kind to add these special touches throughout your home.


You can purchase sheepskin rugs in a variety of colours, from white or pale ivory to dark brown, black or mahogany. This makes it easy to create the perfect contrast in any room where the rug is placed. For example, choose a natural ivory coloured rug in rooms featuring dark hardwood floors, as this provides a distinct visual accent, as well as an intriguing contrast of textures. Similarly, if you have light-coloured flooring, a deep brown or black sheepskin rug is an outstanding choice. These combinations result in an elegant and stylish touch to your home.

Sheepskin rugs are also versatile enough to use in strategic places, such as on top of wall-to-wall carpeting or even on rockers, loveseats or sofas, where they add a silky, fluffy touch. Because you can choose from single, sexto or quarto size rugs when making your selection, you are guaranteed to find the perfect option no matter what you have in mind. When their versatility is considered, it is easy to see why such rugs perfectly complete the decor of any room.

Rug Placement

Sheepskin rugs work well in any space you choose. However, some popular areas to place rugs of this kind include the center of a seating area, the foot of the bed, in front of a fireplace or in a hallway or foyer that needs a special touch.

Cleaning and Care

Sheepskin rugs must be professionally dry cleaned; however, by vacuuming your rugs regularly you can maintain them for many years without the need for special cleaning. Regardless of your home’s overall interior design, you can anticipate ultimate satisfaction when one or more of these beautiful rugs are added to your dwelling.

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