The decision to decorate your home with a sheepskin rug is easy to make. After all, sheepskin is an incredibly soft and durable animal skin rug. It is also easy to care for because you can simply toss it into the washing machine regularly to remove dirt, dust and other particles. This material is pleasant to look at with its deep, gentle textures, and it is also available in an extensive range of darker and lighter hues. With so many advantages associated with using sheepskin as a rug material, this may be a suitable material to include in almost any room in the home. However, before you can fully take advantage of the amazing benefits of sheepskin, you must select the right skin for your space.

The Colour Options

If you are thinking about buying a sheepskin rug, you likely have a very specific location in mind for its placement. For example, you may want to place it by the foot of your bed so that your bare feet have something soft to touch first thing in the morning. Perhaps you are looking for a cozy floor covering to lay in front of your fireplace. Some people will even toss the rug over the back of a chair and to use it like a plush throw. When you have a firm idea in mind about where you want to place the rug, you can more easily decide which colours to select. There are lighter hues, such as white, beige and champagne. There are also several darker colours that range from chocolate brown to black. You may be inclined to purchase a dark colour so that dirt does not show. However, keep in mind that sheepskin can be washed in your washing machine as needed.

The Size of the Rug

A standard sheepskin is fairly small, and it may be ideal for placing near your bed or in front of your favorite sitting chair. If you need a rug that takes up more space on the floor, keep in mind that some rugs have four or even six sheepskins carefully sewn together. These are sheepskins that are all the same color, so you cannot tell with a simple glance that they are not one contiguous piece. It can be difficult to gauge the precise size of the space that you wish to cover with the rug. Before you place your order, spend a few minutes measuring your space. This will help to ensure that your new rug meets all of your needs.

Your Budget

While you do not want to forsake style and d├ęcor for your budget, you also only have a limited amount of money to spend. The last thing that you want is to be disappointed with the look of your rug because it is too small for the space. When you are working with a limited budget and have a large area to cover, you can purchase a few smaller rugs rather than one large rug. You can space the rugs out so that a couple of pieces take up as much space as one large rug with six skins sewn together.

Buying one or more sheepskin rugs for your home is an excellent way to introduce a new and unique element to your space. It is difficult not to love the rich colors and superior softness of sheepskin. In fact, after you purchase one rug, you may decide to order a few additional rugs to place in other rooms. Because the rugs are available in different colors and sizes, spend time exploring the options and imagining the possibilities for your space.

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