Cowhide RugsIf you want to add a creative touch to your living space to make it stand out from others, add a cowhide rug. These can transform your space into the ideal place that feels like home. It’s no wonder that people have been using these coverings for centuries. While they have provided functionality for many decades, cowhide rugs also add charm, style and flair to the homes of today. What makes a cowhide rug such a beautiful addition and smart investment?

The natural splendor of cow skin makes it an excellent addition to any living environment. These coverings come in interesting colors that enhance any surroundings, whether you prefer neutral furnishings or have vibrant and eclectic décor. The natural tones of cowhide include white, cream, rust, beige, brown and black.

They come in naturally occurring patterns and prints, including speckled, mottled or spotted. As such, cowhides add visual interest to any space. Additionally, the texture and surprising plushness of the hides add a desirable textual element that you can’t get from synthetic materials.

The functionality and durability of cowhide allows you to decorate even high-traffic areas. While this organic material is resilient, it’s also hypoallergenic and easy to clean. Unlike shaggier materials, cow hair lies flat, won’t shed, and doesn’t attract allergens and dust. This makes cowhides ideal additions for homes with allergy sufferers.

Unlike many manufactured materials, cowhide rugs don’t have volatile compounds or toxins and won’t release polluting substances in your environment. Traditionally, the tanning methods used on these hides involve natural oils. This works to your benefit when pets or children come into close or prolonged contact with the material. A properly tanned cowhide rug won’t release chemical odor.

You can clean these rugs with the hose attachment of a vacuum cleaner or by hand-brushing them. This will keep the hair soft and remove loose dirt. Take the hides outside once in a while and shake out any dust. The hides’ natural emollients block liquids, so you only need to blot off any spills.

For deeper cleaning, use a damp sponge and apply a mixture of water and white vinegar. You can also use a gentle non-alkaline detergent. Wipe the mixture off with a separate damp sponge by moving it in the direction of the hair growth.

While any cowhide rug withstands foot traffic easily enough, you’re not limited to floor décor. If you have trouble finding wall accessories or don’t know how to find the right kind of painting to fill an empty space, use a cowhide as a decorative hanging instead. You can also liven up any room by draping cowhides over the backs of chairs or on top of chests and dressers. Since these hides feel soft and smooth, you can even use them as bed or sofa coverings.

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