Cowhide rugs are versatile and naturally beautiful options for home decor. They can complement any space, are extremely durable, and are naturally hypoallergenic.

Cowhide rugs used to be considered only as decor elements for Western-inspired homes and interiors. There are a variety of different colors, types, and styles of rugs now that they can be incorporated into any style of decor and room. Decorators and interior designers today choose to use these rugs to add both flair and luxury to dwellings that range from modern apartments to seaside habitats. Every cowhide rug is unique, will have its own distinctive pattern, and fur on different rugs will even feel slightly dissimilar.

There are many more uses for a cowhide rug aside from covering your floors. They make novel wall tapestries and can function as a focal point of art in a room. They can be used as throw blankets over beds or couches. In colder climates, a person can sleep under cowhide without becoming overly hot or sweaty. It provides a breathable, insulating layer rather than trapping heat and moisture. You can choose to use them in the bathroom to serve as plush, warm floor covers. Use them in the entryway or foyer to create a welcoming touch.

Cowhide is easy to care for and extremely durable. Emollients in the hair fibers will naturally repel stains and liquids so any spills can be easily blotted off. Rugs can withstand heavy foot traffic from children and pets and will not become patchy from usage. Dirt can be removed by spot cleaning with soap and water. Vacuum cleaners and hand brushes also work on cowhide. Hand brushing will keep the hair soft and loosen any dirt. It is recommended to shake the rug outside once a week to keep it dust-free. When given proper care, a cowhide rug can last for years, and could become a treasured heirloom.

Cowhide is naturally hypoallergenic. For those who are plagued with allergies, rugs made from cowhide are a wonderful alternative. Cow hair naturally lies flat and will not shed. It does not attract or trap dust and allergens. Mild oils in the natural fibers do not attract bacteria and mold will not grow. There are no other artificial materials or dyes used, so no toxins or chemical odors will be released in your home. Cowhide is an all-around natural product that provides peace of mind to those who suffer from allergies.

Cowhide rugs are functional and eye-catching. They add warmth, charm, and vibrancy to any room. They are truly natural and unique works of art.


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